Identity and Access Management Solutions Enhance Enterprise Security

When it comes to data security, the enterprise today must address every security risk with an effective but affordable solution. While the cost of a security breach can be high - lost data, brand damage, regulatory fines and more - the cost of an identity and access management solution to prevent a security breach can be expensive. Many access management products involve a suite of tools for user provisioning, access control, single sign-on (SSO), authentication and more - all great technologies but quite expensive to purchase and implement in a dynamic environment simultaneously. And, many companies don't have large IT budgets or lack the administrative resources to deploy and manage an expensive and complex identity and access management solution. Effective organizations are seeking an approach to that is affordable and flexible, allowing them to authenticate identities, manage passwords, and simplify reporting without draining their IT budget. For these companies, Imprivata has the answer.

Imprivata - an affordable and powerful identity and access management solution

Imprivata OneSign® is an affordable appliance-based approach to identity and access management that offers powerful solutions to securely authenticate users, streamline access to applications by managing passwords and simplify compliance reporting. The brilliance of this solution is in its simplicity - OneSign is easy to install and manage, yet provides superior control. As an appliance, OneSign installs quickly and requires no application code changes, or directory modifications and no alterations to user workflow. It requires no additional hardware or software to be purchased or installed. And because it minimizes installation time and reduces cost of deployment, OneSign delivers faster return on investment.

OneSign scales easily, integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure and provides a consolidated solution for identity management. OneSign captures all access events in a single database and provides administrators with a variety of pre-structured and customized reports, enabling easier and timelier compliance reporting.

Simplify access control, password management, and identity authentication

The OneSign platform includes identity management solutions that can be used together, individually or deployed in phases to address a variety of identity and access management issues.


  • Securely authenticates users - OneSign provides native support and management for many authentication options including passwords, ID tokens, Windows and national ID smart cards, active and passive proximity cards, USB tokens and biometric authentication and other 2 factor authentication. With OneSign you can mix and match authentication technologies to best suit user needs.
  • Streamlines application access. OneSign solves password management user access issues by enabling SSO Access for all applications using the Application Profile Generator that provides administrators with an easy drag-and-drop interface that profiles all an applications' sign-on behaviors and dynamics to enable single sign-on for all enterprise applications - even the most challenging ones. OneSign enables SSO without requiring scripting or modification to existing code. Users can access all their authorized applications after signing in with a single SSO password.
  • Simplifies Compliance Reporting. With OneSign SSO, enterprises can record all application access events in a centralized database and, at the push of a button, administrators can run any number of pre-structured or customized reports showing who is accessing what information, when and from where.

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Identity and Access Management Resources


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