Secure communications for healthcare

Secure messaging

Across every desktop and device

The need for secure messaging

According to a Black Book survey, 30% of clinicians receive daily unsecured texts with PHI. Why? Because care providers find texting to be more efficient than any of their other communication tools. However, SMS messaging is not a secure form of communication that can result in a HIPAA violation of up to $1.5 million per event, per hospital. Organisations need to implement a secure messaging strategy, and solution, to secure PHI and improve workflows.

Your secure messaging strategy

What if you could…

  • Improve provider productivity by eliminating phone tag in workflows such as consults, referrals, and order verifications?
  • Easily coordinate care by replacing inefficient communications technology with a solution that can deliver lab results, EKGs, wound photos, and other patient information easily and securely across care teams and organisations?

Imprivata Cortext is the secure communications platform for healthcare that enables organisations to replace inefficient communications technologies and improve care coordination, inside and outside the hospital.

Key features